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Unfortunately, there’s nothing stopping someone from lying on their job application—surveys show that 1 in 3 applicants lie on their resumes. If you’re considering making them a part of your team, you need to find out if their previous experience will fit your needs.

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What are education background checks?

It confirms that your prospective employee is telling the truth about their educational experience at high schools, vocational schools, universities, colleges, and more. Our team of experts are able to verify their degrees and credentials by validating their:

• Enrollment dates

• Areas of study

• Degrees earned

• Graduation status

If a candidate lists a professional license, we investigate their current status and expiration dates to ensure everything is in order and up to date.

How we conduct employment checks

Our team will contact past employers directly to confirm any listed dates of employment, job titles, achievements, and responsibilities. You’ll be able to remove any doubt about their current skills and verify their previously-held roles.

Help your hiring process go smoothly with an employment history verification. Our reliable checks ensure that they’re qualified for the position and won’t be in over their head at your organization.

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“NCSI has made running background checks very simple and inexpensive. We run background checks for all volunteers and potential employees and this is the easiest part of our on-boarding process.”

Brad Skof

Foss (IL) Park District

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Getting the answer to your question is always just a click away—we have several dedicated staff members on-call to provide daily live support. 

“The customer service we receive from NCSI is far above other companies we have interacted with. NCSI is prompt, thorough, and passionate with all calls and emails we may have with them. We have also been impressed with NCSI’s troubleshooting and attention to potential issues we may have.”

Kay Atteberry

Town of Breckenridge (CO)

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Are they telling the truth on their resume?

Don’t take a gamble when you’re hiring someone—it’s just not worth the risk. Contact us today and we’ll help ensure your next hire’s resume is authentic and credible.

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