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Your safety is why we’re here

Protect what matters most with industry-leading background checks and policy guidance from The National Center for Safety Initiatives, the trusted background check provider for the 2022 Winter Olympics.

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Want to help protect your organization?

We can do that! Our team of specialists provides the crucial services you need to safeguard your community. Reach out today to discuss a program that works for you.

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Count on the safety experts

Since 2005, we’ve been a leading provider of background checks, helping organizations minimize their liability and meet strict legal mandates. We are driven by one goal—to protect vulnerable populations from harm.

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Your path to peace of mind

Rest assured you have all the information you need to make an informed decision, knowing that we dig deep to uncover information that other providers could miss. Our advanced process offers a variety of screening options, including: 

Friendly Volunteers

Background checks

Verify their identity, examine arrest records, and investigate sex offender databases.

Monthly monitoring

Ensure no new incidents appear with regular updates on any arrests or charges. 

Motor Vehicle Reports (MVR)

Review a driving record to look at their license status, violations, restrictions, and more. 

Social media background checks

Scour web results and social media networks to discover any potential online red flags.

Education and employment checks

Prove that your candidate is telling the truth about their credentials and experience.

What’s included in your account

You’ll get access to easy-to-use online tools where you can quickly view and manage your background checks in one place.
Here are the features at your fingertips.

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Secure 24/7 access

Your online account allows you to assign, track, and review the results of background checks whenever you need.

Easy-to-read results

We screen to your criteria and highlight the important information so you’re able to make a fast and informed decision.

Safe and compliant

Personally Identifiable Information (PII) is stored securely and never shared, ensuring your data privacy and compliance with the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA).

Custom permissions

Set clearance levels for every user in your organization, allowing only those with proper credentials to access the screening results.

Hands-on support

Get helpful, personal assistance from our safety experts during the background check process. 

Our experts are here to help

Getting the answer to your question is always just a click away—we have several dedicated staff members on-call to provide daily live support. 

“The customer service we receive from NCSI is far above other companies we have interacted with. NCSI is prompt, thorough, and passionate with all calls and emails we may have with them. We have also been impressed with NCSI’s troubleshooting and attention to potential issues we may have.”

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Creating a better, safer tomorrow

We believe that through policy influence, education, and thorough screenings, we can help create a better, safer world for everyone. NCSI is at the forefront of shaping policy that helps protect your community, using our influence to push for change and advocate for the safety of youth everywhere. 

Protect your people