ncsi formal client statement regarding

New California State Requirements

We are aware of a new state requirement that impacts organizations in the state of California effective January 1, 2022. Assembly Bill No. 506 (AB506) became law in California on September 16, 2021. This law mandates background checks and child abuse prevention training for all staff and regular volunteers of ‘Youth Service Organizations’. NCSI understands this new law may complicate existing safety programs for some of our clients. Clients should consult with their legal counsel regarding the impact of this law on its current policies.

NCSI’s standard background screening includes two multi-jurisdictional databases and sex offender registries, local county criminal records searches and federal district searches based on address history, both in and outside the state of California; however, NCSI cannot integrate with the AB506 Live Scan fingerprinting process. Organizations must register directly with the California Department of Justice for access to that process.

NCSI can offer compliance assistance with AB506 by providing document management solutions where your organization can store completed Live Scan results and other relevant documents on the NCSI platform.