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Regular, comprehensive background checks for coaches and staff are essential—but the work doesn’t end there. While most programs recommend a full screening every 12 months, we know that can create gaps in your organization’s safety protocol.

We can monitor national criminal record databases every month to provide organizations insight between their comprehensive screens. By routinely checking criminal records in between screens, you’ll keep your organization and your community safer all year round.

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What is monthly monitoring?

This monthly monitoring process runs for 12 months and provides real-time updates on new arrests or charges. Our multi-jurisdictional search investigates more than:

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1.9 Billion criminal records

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3 MILLION sex offender records in the U.S. and it's territories 

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5.4 MILLION records from domestic & international watch lists

What are the benefits of monthly monitoring?

Wouldn’t it be nice if your yearly comprehensive background check was routinely checking for new incidents? With our monthly monitoring, you can have our industry-leading services working for you at all times by searching national databases on a monthly basis.

A coach or employee that passed a screening upon hiring could get in trouble with the law (like a DUI charge, for example) and it may not hit your radar until their next recheck.


Baseball Athletes
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“Anytime you’re dealing with children, you want to make sure that only people who would create a safe environment for kids are involved. I was flabbergasted to hear some of the things that were missed (in other leagues). That was enlightening to me. We are one of the most vigorously background checked programs (in the area)."

Charles DeChristopher

Cherry Hills National Athletic League

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“The customer service we receive from NCSI is far above other companies we have interacted with. NCSI is prompt, thorough, and passionate with all calls and emails we may have with them. We have also been impressed with NCSI’s troubleshooting and attention to potential issues we may have.”

Kay Atteberry

Town of Breckenridge (CO)

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Contact us to learn how we can alert you when any red flags arise. It’s important to stay tuned in to any changes with the people you need to trust every day.

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