NCSI | SSCI is compliant with all Illinois State volunteer background check laws

Illinois Parks and Recreation Departments and Districts can take advantage of the NCSI | SSCI National Screening Program

Important reminder: the Park District Code requirement for criminal background screenings does not apply to employees within non-park districts, such as special recreation associations, forest preserve districts, and conservation districts. NCSI | SSCI can add the ISP check to our background check package which ensures compliance with the Park District Code.

Volunteers are NOT mandated under the Illinois Park District Code to be screened through the Illinois State Police.
The NCSI | SSCI background screening program has set the standard for background checks which has been adopted and implemented by over 2,500 city and county parks and recreation agencies, countless youth sports organizations, and many of the National Governing Bodies of the United States Olympic Committee.

Today there is a quick, effective, and affordable method that has relieved Cities and Counties of the burden of performing thorough background checks on their volunteers and employees. Organizations and agencies will have peace of mind that they have exercised due diligence and that their volunteer workforce has stood up to the scrutiny of the most systematic and meticulous national screening procedure available.

We are very confident that you cannot find better pricing for the same service. In most cases, anything less costly is an inferior search as it is a national database only and does not include the local searches (county and/or state). As you are aware, other agencies have had problems with abuse issues and have been put under the microscope for their risk management programs. There are screening companies that will tell you that they have "volunteer screening” programs which are code for database only searches. These are not accepted in the employment screening industry and should not be considered a due diligent program.