Most common questions regarding the Maryland Criminal Justice Information Service (CJIS)


What is the status of my CJIS background check?

You can find out the status of your background check by calling Customer Service or toll free number. Be prepared to provide the Reference Number or Social Security Number in order for the status to be checked. Only the subject of the background check or authorized requestor may make inquiries.

How long does it take to complete a background check?

When the application is received it is reviewed to insure that all required information is present. Application fees are accounted for, demographic data is entered, the fingerprint search is conducted, and a return response (with results of the background check) is prepared, reviewed, and mailed to the requestor. In most cases result of the state background check is mailed out in less than 10 working days from receipt of the initial approved application.

How much does a background check costs?

  • Combined Maryland and Federal - Background Check $37.25 (Must have an agency authorization number to process request)
  • Combined Maryland and Federal - Volunteer Check $33.25 (Must have an agency authorization number to process request)
  • “Gold Seal” Background Check $19.00
  • Individual Review - Maryland Only $18.00
  • Maryland Mentor $15.25
  • Maryland Background Check $18.00

Note: An additional $20.00 charge for fingerprinting at CJIS and Motor Vehicle Administration Sites

How can I get an FBI background check?

FBI background checks can only be done for authorized reasons based on state statute. Individuals cannot initiate FBI background checks for personal reasons. You may visit for more information.

Can fingerprints be used more than once or do I have to have my fingerprints taken again?

State law requires fingerprints be taken for each requested background check.