Florida Senate Bill 0150: Relating to Athletic Coaches – Effective Date: July 1, 2010


  • Requires the independent sanctioning authority of a youth athletic team to screen the background of current and prospective athletic coaches through designated state and federal sex offender registries.

  • Requires the independent sanctioning authority to disqualify any athletic coach appearing on a registry.

  • Requires said sanctioning authority to maintain documentation of screening results and disqualification notices, etc.

Outlined below are some Key Legislation Points you should be aware of and how NCSI | SSCI can help you help you address them:

  1. All independent sanctioning authorities must conduct a background screening of each current and perspective athletic coach through designated state and federal sex offender registries. NCSI | SSCI screenings comply with this requirement, also providing a full report on any additional misdemeanor and felony records nationwide.

  2. No person shall be authorized by the independent sanctioning authority to act as an athletic coach after July 10, 2010 unless a background screening has been conducted and did not result in disqualification. The NCSI | SSCI National Program can be set up for the agency and fully operational within 48 hours of receiving order.

  3. Background screenings shall be conducted annually for each athletic coach. Our secured online agency account access provides full record keeping and at-a-glance date and status for each background screening.

  4. Background screenings conducted by a commercial consumer reporting agency in compliance with the Fair Credit Reporting Act shall be deemed in compliance with the requirements.

  5. Provide, within 7 business days following the background screening, a written notice to a person disqualified advising the person of the results. NCSI | SSCI typical turnaround time is 48-72 hours.

  6. Maintain documentation of the results for each person screened. NCSI | SSCI provides a secured online data management system.

  7. The Legislation “encourages” but does not “require” participation in the Volunteer and Employee Criminal History System (VECHS) through FDLE.

Please Note:

  • To be qualified to participate in the VECHS program, an organization (public, private, profit, or non-profit) must provide "care" or "care placement services";

  • Minimum cost for VECHS is $43.25 for each employee or $33.25 for each volunteer electronic submission; and

  • Only raw "rap sheet" data is provided with no assistance on interpretation.

NCSI | SSCI provides the local & national criminal searches as well as a Complete Interpretation and Case Disposition with a clear list of Disqualifiers and can save members as much as $24.75 over VECHS for each background screening.