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Did you know that California youth sport organizations are not required to use LiveScan for background screening? In fact, NCSI online background checks help you discover criminal records that would have been missed by the limitations of LiveScan searches.

We’ve been working with organizations in California for more than 15 years, partnering to provide easy-to-manage background checks and safety solutions that help keep kids safe.

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Why NCSI is a better choice than LiveScan


Eliminate all of the paperwork

We allow you to submit and track everything online—LiveScan uses a manual system with an old-fashioned process that causes headaches and confusion when applying for your search and tracking the progress.

We go beyond fingerprinting

Since fingerprint searches are limited by strict guidelines, only specific crimes are reported in a fingerprint-only search like LiveScan. We utilize a social security number trace coupled with a county courthouse search (non-fingerprint) to reveal even more incidents.

LiveScan doesn’t cover everything

If your applicant has ever lived outside of California, LiveScan would miss any criminal records that happened in those states.

Get more for your money

Our background checks include both local and national searches in one flat rate package—no rolling fees and no hidden costs. NCSI background checks cover all of these scenarios for the same price (or even less) than LiveScan.

Why should California organizations partner with NCSI?

Over 650 organizations in California trust NCSI to keep their programs and communities safe. NCSI meets and exceeds the state background screening criteria by offering a safety program that helps California sport and civic organizations limit risk, secure data, and protect kids.

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What our clients in California have to say:

"NCSI helped to form the framework of our volunteer program and provided us a method for a nationwide background screening of all those who are in direct supervision of children. NCSI has been able to grow with us by making the process faster and easier for our volunteers to submit their background screenings so we can continue to provide safe and fun services to our community.”

Wendy Landreth
Jurupa Community Parks and Recreation

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