Youth Baseball League Discovers Coach Is a Convicted Sex Offender

A youth baseball league in Sullivan, Missouri recently discovered that one of their assistant coaches was a convicted and registered sex offender but they did not come to this information through a background check. The Sullivan Boys Baseball Association was made aware of their coach's sex offender status when the coach was arrested on the baseball field on June 28, 2017. It is against Missouri state law for convicted sex offenders to participate in youth athletic leagues.

How did a convicted sex offender end up coaching children?

According to the association's board member Danny Fallowfield, the league only conducts background checks for head coaches. The coach who was found to have this dangerous criminal record was an assistant coach and therefore, no background check was conducted on him. The arrested coach, Chris Respress, was convicted of sexual exploitation of a 14-year old girl in Illinois in 2009. KMOV 4 News reports that Respress is currently listed as a registered sex offender with the Missouri State Highway Patrol. 

Read the full story from KMOV 4 News here.

What are your options for keeping your youth sports leagues safe from dangerous offenders?

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