St. Cloud Diocese Releases List of Known Abusers

Nearly 100 priests have been named for the sexual abuse of children by the St. Cloud Diocese in the past month in Minnesota. According to St. Cloud Bishop Donald Kettler, “It is my hope that the release of these names will provide validation to those victims who have been sexually abused and have already come forward...I pray it will also give strength to those who have remained silent and allow them to come forward." You can read the full article from the Star Tribune here.

SSCI: A National Background Screening Provider For Dioceses

Today, SSCI provides the National Background Screening Program to Dioceses across the country. Our philosophy remains that our Church Background Checks program should be equivalent to the employment screening standard that has been court tested for decades. We would never take a short cut that puts our children and other vulnerable populations at risk. We strongly recommend that each Church Volunteer Background Checkpackage includes a thorough local search of the courts in order for the screening to be due diligent. Our Church Volunteer Background Check package utilizes a combination of sources of criminal record information to insure that we give our clients the most comprehensive and affordable search available