GPS camera options allow predators to find the exact locations where images of you and your children are taken. See what you can do to stop this!


Is your Child Being Tracked by a predator?

At SSCI, we hold safety in the highest regard, whether it is on the playing field or at home. It is for this reason that we have decided to share this important information regarding online safety and privacy with our clients and friends.

Most of us use our Smartphones everyday to take pictures and we enjoy sharing these photos on online via Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. But is it really safe to share photos online?

New downloadable apps use GPS technology to make an actual map of the places where your pictures are taken, down to the exact room. In the wrong hands, this information is very dangerous.

To learn how to disable this GPS tracking feature from your Smartphone pictures, watch this video courtesy of NBC News and discover how to protect the locations where you and your children live, shop and play.