The president and the league administrator for Mid Valley Pop Warner Football in Salem, Oregon have both been suspended following evidence that they may have known more about a volunteer’s criminal past than was initially disclosed.

Lionel Salgado, 56, allegedly volunteered with the Mid Valley league as an athletic commissioner. Salgado had been volunteering with the Pop Warner League in Salem for several years when he was convicted in early 2013 of harassment of a 14-year-old girl. The charges came after Salgado allegedly groped the girl and he quit his volunteer position with the league soon after. However, Salgado re-applied in 2014 and passed his background check, despite his criminal record.

According to league president Dwayne Johnson, he did not know that the charges against Salgado involved a teenager which would have failed him according to league policy. Local Pop Warner parents have been outraged following the investigation, believing that Johnson did know about the nature of Salgado’s crimes and sought to cover them up. A text message written by Johnson to Salgado was accidentally sent to several league coaches and contained what many parents believe to be proof that Johnson was aiding Salgado in covering his past crimes.

Both Dwayne Johnson and Ronda Marlega are currently suspended from the league while they await a formal hearing.

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