Criminal background checks

A high school volunteer has been removed from his coaching position with a cheerleading squad after the school discovered he was a registered sex offender.

The La Vega Independent School District in Texas found that a background check was never performed on the volunteer. Parents have expressed their outrage upon the discovery of this alleged negligence by the school that put their children at risk.

“Why didn't the school do a background check?” a parent of one of the cheerleaders wanted to know after the news broke. The volunteer, who has since been removed from his coaching position at La Vega High School, is currently the subject of a background investigation by the school district. According to KCEN, the volunteer’s sex offender status may be related to a 1999 incident that involved a cheerleader in central Texas.

In a statement issued by the district, they admitted that the volunteer had not been properly screened through a criminal background check. They also said that they require a background check for all employees and volunteers. It is unclear how this coach was allowed to be around students without having a proper screening.

The volunteer has been banned from school property and all activities.