child abuse

A former high school coach and teacher from Billings, Montana has been indicted on 23 charges of child abuse.

Scott Nichols, 46, is being charged for two counts of attempted sexual exploitation, two counts of sexual exploitation of children, three counts of possessing child pornography and 16 counts of distribution of child pornography.

Nichols lost his position with Billings West High School in 2013 after police officers informed the school district that Nichols was currently being investigated for possible illegal activity involving computers and the internet. The recent charges have only served to renew the confidence of school officials in their original decision to remove Nichols from school staff. “I would say we obviously made the right call when we didn't renew his certificate,” said Terry Bouck, Superintendent.

Nichols is accused of attempting to coerce four young girls into engaging in sexual activity as well as recording and distributing the alleged sexual activity of minors in 2012 and 2013.

Nichols came highly recommend from Livingston School District in Montana where he coached and taught for the past 15 years prior to his employment with West High School. As required of every school employee, Nichols is said to have also passed a background check before he began teaching in 2012.

Nichols faces up to 30 years in prison if he is convicted.

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