The Prince of Peace Church in Orlando, Florida was shocked to learn that one of its volunteers was actually a registered sex offender.

Charley Hunter, originally from California, moved to Orlando 5 years ago and in this time, never registered his status with the state as a convicted sex offender. It is believed that Hunter violated several laws, not only his failure to register as a sex offender but also his volunteering with a church (that also houses a preschool) and living within close proximity to two schools. Hunter is currently being held in an Orange County jail for failure to register.

Hunter went for five years without being discovered, a feat which has shocked Rev. Ken Green. “He would not have been on our property,” Green said, if they had known the truth about Hunter’s past. Hunter occasionally volunteered with the Prince of Peace Church where he would help hand out food to the needy. “We do background checks with any of our volunteers who work with students and our preschool,” Green continued. “The food pantry is not in that capacity.”

Following this incident, the church is formulating plans to make changes to its volunteer policies. Though it is not believed that Hunter had any contact with minors, his 1996 conviction of two counts of lewd and lascivious acts with a child under 14 still requires him to register as a sex offender. If Hunter is convicted, he could face up to a year in prison.

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