A California soccer coach with Napa High was recently arrested on allegations of suspected solicitation of a minor when a player reported that she had received inappropriate text messages from her coach.

The coach, 29-year-old Julian Vargas, should never have been coaching in the first place because the school had not yet received a clearance report on him from his LiveScan fingerprint check. A district spokeswoman, Elizabeth Emmett, said of Vargas, “He shouldn’t have been out there. The procedures weren’t followed.”

A LiveScan background check was conducted on Vargas in April of this year, two months after he was hired by the school district. Vargas was cleared through the FBI check the next day but the District had still not received the State report as of last week. Even more concerning than this background check delay is the discovery of a 2011 conviction of domestic violence that appeared on Vargas’ record. “There was a lapse in enforcing a policy,” Emmett said.

According to Emmett, the school district stated that a consultation with their attorney would have been conducted if they had discovered the domestic violence conviction prior Vargas’ employment.

When the 16-year-old girl reported the questionable text messages to police, an investigation was launched in which a police officer, posing as the girl, continued communicated with Vargas who allegedly sent two fully nude images to the girl’s phone.

Vargas was arrested and charged with sending harmful matter to a minor and contact with a minor for sexual offense.

The district said that it is now reviewing all paperwork for its coaches and meeting with parents and players to discuss the recent arrest of the soccer coach.

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