By Mark Schieldrop

youth sports coach

Glen Lonardo, former coach and board member for Cranston League for Cranston’s Future (CLCF) has been arrested on felony charges of possession of a controlled substance with intent to deliver.

Lonardo was arrested after allegedly selling bath salts, a schedule I controlled substance, to an undercover detective early last week..

CLCF president Jim Dillon said that Lonardo had been with the organization for 15 years and never before had any problems with parents or children. Dillon expressed his shock by talking about Lonardo’s reputation and previous job titles, "He does an incredible amount of public service with his position. He put in many hours as a volunteer both coaching as well as organizing the league.”

Lonardo served as chairman on the league’s football board for four years before moving on to the softball board this year. On Friday, January 24th, just three days after he posted a $25,000 surety bail, Lonardo resigned from his positions on the board of CLCF and his CLCF Girl’s Softball chairmanship. As far as the league is concerned, Dillon hopes that its reputation will remain intact: "We've been providing quality youth sports groups for years and will continue to do that. We never had any complaints about sports chairs or coaches that led to any kind of discipline." For further information on this story, visit the Patch article here.