Dusten Crupe, former coach of the Danville Panthers Midget Football League is facing sexual abuse charges where he employed Facebook to solicit an underage girl.

Crupe, 35, faces charges of first degree sexual abuse, third degree sexual assault and soliciting a minor using Facebook. Upon his arrest, Crupe admitted to receiving nude images of the girl when she was between the ages of 11 and 14. Crupe admitted to police that he had sexual contact with the victim on at least six separate occasions. The victim’s parents notified police back in late 2013, spurring an investigation.

Crupe was set to leave coaching, taking on a position with the youth league board this season prior to his arrest. Now, when he is released from jail, Crupe will be served with dismissal papers.

Since his arrest, more families have come forward with information about Crupe. Police have received 19,000 pages of information from Facebook, including messages, pictures and wall posts, providing overwhelming evidence in which to confront Crupe. In his interview with police, Detective Lieutenant Joshua Weagel said that Crupe alluded to “inappropriate conversation with other minor females. However, he only acknowledged having contact with his victim.”

Families are being urged to contact the Boone County Sheriff’s Office with any information on Dusten Crupe.

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