youth football coach

Former football coach of the Bucks County Levittown Lions Athletic Association, Keith Peschen, was arrested in November following a four month police investigation.

The victim stated that Peschen raped her repeatedly over the course of two years, starting when she was 11. Now 17, the girl told her mother who alerted police. The victim reported that she feared for her life and was unsure what to do about the attacks. Police arranged for the victim to contact her attacker while they listened in as Peschen acknowledged and apologized for raping the girl.

The assault began when the victim stayed over at Peschen’s house to babysit his children. A married father and family friend as well as board president of the Levittown Lions Athletic Association, Peschen began offering the girl rides to practice where he would then assault her in his car. At the time, the victim was participating in the cheerleading program with the Levittown Lions for children ages 5-12.

When Peschen appeared in court in late February, he pleaded guilty to multiple felonies including rape of a child and involuntary deviant sexual intercourse. However, the judge rejected Peschen’s plea after he only admitted to raping the girl once, contrary to the accusations against him. He then pleaded guilty to all charges and he awaits a possible sentence of 100 years in prison. Also, Peschen will be a registered sex offender for the rest of his life. Bucks County police are expressing their concern over the possibility of more victims given Peschen’s years of working closely with children.

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