Child ministry volunteer Cody Flowers has been arrested for a second time following evidence of possession of child pornography.

Following his first arrest in May, computers seized from Flowers were discovered to contain files of child pornography. Flowers’ first offense occurred while still volunteering with the Family Life Church in Amarillo, TX when he was accused of indecency with a child. This first charge was dropped after concern arose over the young victim being forced to testify against Flowers in court. Following this second arrest, there will now be 16 counts of possession of child pornography against Flowers, a better way for Flowers to be brought to justice without causing more trauma to the young victim.

After the first round of charges against Flowers were dropped, an anonymous church-goer expressed her shock and disbelief at seeing a video of Flowers performing in a church production where he had physical contact with children. Pastor and director of the Family Life Church, Keena Ivie said of the video, “Since the first charges were dropped, he was a character in one of our skits here and that was on stage…He did not have any contact with the children. He was just on stage.”

The church claims that a background check was conducted on Flowers previous to his work as a volunteer. According to the church, background checks for volunteers are a standard procedure. It is not yet clear if the church employed a due diligent background screening program or a database-only search.

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