A youth minister at Bethel Church in Oakdale, CA has been arrested on suspicion of possessing child pornography.

Tyler Bliss, 27, the son of the church’s head pastor, had his home and church computers seized last week by police where evidence of child pornography was discovered. Bliss was arrested after a tip came in to the Ceres Police department about Bliss’ alleged criminal activity. Police say that although they did in fact discover child pornography on the suspect’s church computer, there is no evidence at the moment that other church members were involved. Police are also trying to identify the origin of the pornographic content.

Following Bliss’ arrest and subsequent release on bail the same day, the vice chairmen of Bethel Church, Ted King, temporarily suspended the youth ministry program. King released the following statement after the arrest of Tyler Bliss: “The Oakdale Bethel Assembly of God Church professes its extreme shock of the arrest of Tyler Bliss on charges of child pornography. We shall continue to cooperate with authorities in this investigation. Due to the nature of these charges, any further statement will have to await the outcome of this investigation.”

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