co-head coach

Boise State lacrosse club coach Paul Damon Rocchio, was arrested at Settler’s Park in Idaho where he went with intentions of meeting a minor under the age of 16 for sexual acts.

When he arrived, Rocchio was arrested by police who had been investigating him undercover, pretending to be the girl he was to meet. Rocchio, 50, is charged with felony enticing a child over the internet. A preliminary hearing is set to begin on March 31st. Rocchio had been chatting with the undercover officer for a month after he contacted the ‘minor’ online.

Rocchio had been coaching the Boise State men’s lacrosse team since May of 2010. Following his arrest, Rocchio’s profile has been removed from the Boise State website where his position is being filled by two assistant coaches.

Rocchio, who has been coaching high school and college teams since 1981, is being held on $20,000 bond.