By Sara Belsole


Robert Little, a 74-year old former volunteer at the St. Francis Xavier Catholic Church in Florida, has admitted to allegations of the sexual abuse of at least one child. 

The young boy recently told his parents that Little had molested him at his condo in Fort Meyers Beach on multiple occasions over the summer. Little, who volunteered with the church, admitted in his confession that this child is not his first victim. Attorney Scot Goldberg, who represents one of Little’s victims is concerned that this story is not getting enough attention and he believes that there may be more victims. “If [parents] don't know that there's someone out there that's allegedly a predator that likes prepubescent boys, how are they going to be able to ask their kids if they're okay," Goldberg stated. A letter was sent home to the parents of students at the St. Francis Xavier Catholic School over the weekend, but Goldberg believes more still needs to be done.

According to the Catholic Diocese of Venice, Little had served as aEucharistic Minister and was allegedly screened back in 2010 for a state and federal volunteer background check and fingerprinting which he passed. These background checks apparently showed no record for Little, but Scot Goldberg believes that this is not Little’s first offense. "Just looking at the confession from the police report, it's clear this is not the first time that he's had these thoughts," commented Goldberg. Read the rest of the story from Fox4 here.