A firefighter and church volunteer in San Jose has been arrested on multiple charges that include child molestation, sex acts with minors, and possession and sale of narcotics.

Mario Cuestas, 53, was arrested by a special task force of undercover agents on Thursday, February 13th at the administrative building for his fire department. In a document created and distributed by the Diocese at San Jose to members of Cuestas’ church, St. Leo the Great Parish, the church claims that a background check was performed on Cuestas in 2012, but nothing was found.

Among other charges, Cuestas is accused of dealing meth to teenagers and having sex with a 17-year-old. Cuestas was involved with neighborhood associations, church groups and schools as part of his role as a community outreach officer with the fire department, prompting the notion that there may be more victims. Cuestas’ personal items were seized by police, including his computer which investigators believe could hold evidence of communication and solicitation to minors.

Church members who knew Cuestas were shocked by the allegations. One parishioner, Teresa Flores, said of the incident, “You hear things that happen all over, but of course, when it's that close of course it hits home. But we just got to pray, that's all we could do.”

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