Knox County

Knox County Chooses SSCI

Knox County Parks and Recreation has decided to update their background screening policy, now conducting mandatory background checks for all coaches and city employees once a year instead of every two years.

“The coaches are background checked using a national check,” said City of Knoxville official Aaron Browning. “Up until two or three years ago it was a local check we ran through the police department and sheriff’s office. We went to national background checks so we can catch something in case they lived outside of Knox County or went on a trip.”

You can learn more about the dangers of in-state-only background checks here.

Knox County Parks and Recreation screens an average of 850 people annually. In 2014, background checks conducted through SSCI uncovered 104 misdemeanors and 20 felony convictions. Then in 2015, an additional 35 felonies and 147 misdemeanors were caught. Disqualifications that resulted from any of these findings were due to a policy in place in Knox County which prevents participants with crimes related to sexual offenses and violence from participating.

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